UK Lottery Online

Did You know you can play the lottery online with major sports books such as bet365. Setting up an account is quick and easy all you need to do is  open the  browser and visit the sports book in question. Pretty much every major project bookmaker allows you to play lottery games online. You can usually deposit using your credit card alternatively there are other solutions such as neteller which is a wallet a system. Another popular depressed deposit method is PayPal which you may have used to make purchases through eBay and other major online retailers.

Buying tickets is easy and best of all you get much better odds than  on the National Lottery or another major retailer. By playing the lottery at  bet365 you get much better odds such as 650 to 1 for getting 3 numbers as opposed to £10 which you would win on the lottery. The only downside is that there are no jackpots to be won as people don’t contribute to the prize pool. Anything you win is paid out directly by bet365 themselves. Currently the maximum you can win £500,000 by getting five correct numbers which is far better odds than the lottery. The other great thing is you can choose how much you bet, 10p per line to £10 so you have more control over how much you spend and what your return will be.

All of the sites offer welcome bonuses which range from a few £ to £250 at bet365. This is the biggest sign-up bonus you will find at any major sports book in the world and bet365 have been offering for years. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular amongst professional sports bettors and have a very popular following all around the world. In fact bet365 accept players from every corner of the globe including Asia and Australia. If you are looking for a trustworthy place to play you will be hard-pressed to find better than this company as they have a huge number of big casino players from China who trust them with  millions of pounds every day in transactions.

Setting up an account at bet365 is easy no matter where you are based. The site is translated into many different languages and customer support stop has been trained to handle your queries no matter where you are based. You can get in contact by livechat, telephone or email.

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