Winning the lottery in the UK– is it really that great?

There have been a number of studies done into determining whether winning big on lottery actually makes you happy. And it does not only apply to winning the UK lottery, but any lottery anywhere in the world. The main reason for this is that it is one of the biggest lucky events that can happen to a person and because it is considered something of a science-grade lucky event that will definitely trigger a very pleasurable response in an individual. However, the results of these studies might surprise. Namely, it was established that winning the lottery makes you extremely happy for a very brief period that is followed by a somewhat longer period of elevated mood which is then, relatively soon followed by getting back to your old happiness levels.

This is best observed from a study that was done involving people who all had experienced extremely pleasing and lucky events and those that experienced extremely unlucky events and tragedies. They had to grade their happiness on a certain scale and their responses were obtained continuously over an extended period of time. The strangest of things was observed. Namely, after almost the same amount of time, they started reporting that their happiness levels were the same as they were before the event. What this showed is that people return to their old happiness levels regardless of the impact that the event had, including huge lottery winnings.


In addition to this, there are other, more everyday things and events that will result in winning the UK lottery not being all that you thought it would be. First of all, you will still be the same person you have always been, only with money. You will still have your old thoughts and your old emotions, regardless of the fact that you are now in possession of huge amounts of money. It does away with financial worries, but everything else is still there. And trust us when we tell you that finances are not the only thing that matters in your life.

Another of these reasons is that you start leading an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle which will also take its toll. It is not an uncommon practice to start having parties worthy of Roman Emperors and indulging in all kinds of vices. Soon, this can lead to serious health issues and you might find that all your money cannot help you with the predicament you got yourself into.

Another problem that you might encounter is not being able to trust people. Namely, it will soon become very obvious that you have won the money and people tend to react differently to people who have huge amounts of money. Before you know it, you will be wondering whether this friend or that person you thought you knew is being nice to you just because you have money. At times, you will even feel the pressure from all sides to give different people money. Soon, it all becomes very, very tiring and you just want to give it all away.

As you can see, one needs to be very careful when winning the lottery in the United Kingdom as it can turn out not to be everything you thought it would.

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